Chicken fighting and its rules

Cock fighting or chicken fighting is one of the same games played across the globe since ages, although it is one of the oldest gambling games from ancient times. To play this game owners grow their chickens healthy, make them eat nutritious food, train them to an extent that they are capable of playing the fighting game in cockpit and make them earn a lot of money through wagering from others. The concept of the game is that the winner owner of the game would be the one whose chicken will survive in the fight that is the reason this game is also known as the game of blood or bloody game. Looking at this aspect of the game there are people who actually stopped betting or watching this game. However with the changing trend chicken fighting games have also started its presence as online games as well.
agen s128 is one of the online websites which provide chicken online fighting.


Since the game is now online so the craze amongst people has equally increased, because now none of the lives would not get hampered or lost as whatever an individual would bet will be online on a non living thing, however undoubtedly the feel remains the same as it is there on land based chicken fighting game. Not only this, is providing enough interesting and variety of games on their website apart from playing one single traditional kind of game. You may enjoy different stages with different themes and many more interesting things in the games. The rules are almost the same as in land based chicken fighting game. If one of the chicken dies or gets badly injured that he cannot further play the game, then the survivor will get declared as a winner. In case both the chickens are alive and badly injured and cannot fight ahead anymore, then both the chickens are picked to peck with their beak in two attempts, whosoever would not be able to do so will be declared as a loser. There are times when a chicken runs away from the cockpit or fight, the he will be declares as a loser. These rules are almost the same as in land based chicken fighting game.

The best part in an online games is that you get free trials, so one can have good hands on the game and with that you easily be able to understand their rules and regulations.

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